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What does “Zang Hong Hua Kish” mean?

“Zang Hong Hua” is a Chinese name what it means “Saffron” and it write “藏红花”
“Kish” is an island and free zone in Iran which this company is registered there.

Zang Hong Hua | saffron

Why Saffron?

Saffron (藏红花)is a symbol of Iran, a beautiful flower and a tasty spicy, also it is known as most expensive spicy in the World. we decided a Chinese pronunciation of this world because this company is started in Shanghai and we are a famous exporter of Saffron to Dubai, China and USA.

1- Iran
2- Beautiful, Fragrant and tasty
3- Expensive

Why Free Zone?

we are registered in Kish island where it is first free zones of Iran. as our managers and directors are foreigners and also we have investors from other countries, free zones can easily accept them. we need a warehouse to keep our products without custom clearance and we need to work with other currencies. a huge number of reasons persuade us to registered our company in free zone.
our clients are happy to pay less taxies to us and we are happy to have opportunities to give them better services.

What is subject of “Zang Hong Hua Kish”?

it is a general trading company. Iranian companies order to us and we as a supply chain will supply their order from other countries by our partnership around the world.
our orders are specially in these fields:
– industrial tools and equipments
– electronic and networking
– Agricultures products
– Medical equipments

how can cooperation with US?

we will be happy to cooperate with all suppliers around the world. technical companies are also work with us as our partnership in Iran. so it would be honored to cooperation with us, just contact us.

Company informations:

Company name: Zang Hong Hua Kish (جنگ خون هوا کیش)
Registered ID: 14245
National ID: 14009842440
Address: No. 7, TS30-31, Roudaki Blv, Kish island, Iran
Phones: +983132244663 , +983191090558 , +987691090558

Zang Hong Hua Kish | license