Think different; make different


Safety is our main focus in the business as we are an International company

Receive on time

Our team works on all clients get their services on time

Fast work turnaround

we are not fastest servicer but we believe in safety and fast service both

Import and Export

Our expert is import and export in Middle East, East Asia and CIS. specially handicrafts, agricultural products and tools, medical equipments and industrial machinery.


the second company of “Easy To Iran” group is construction company. we have projects in Isfahan, Hormozgan and Tehran.

Travel agency

a part of “Easy To Iran” group is tourism economy. we have tours from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Hong Kong and Singapore to Iran and from Iran to these countries.

We are driven by values

“Easy To Iran” group focus on quality and quality

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Ali Saffarian

“Think different; make different”

Tohid Rezayat

“Team work make your company perfect”

Fereshte Sobhani

Tian ChunHe

“Never Give Up”

Tian ChunHe

Ma De Zheng

“Language is culture”

Ma De Zheng

Let’s work together on your
next project

B2B projects are 70% of “Easy To Iran” group’s projects